About the Series


Trail Run Manitoba has been holding trail races in Birds Hill Provincial Park since 2008. Our races have a reputation for being well-organized and a lot of fun. The laid-back atmosphere makes our races popular with runners of all stripes and speeds. Many runners who do their first trail race with Trail Run Manitoba have gone on to become passionate, and possibly obsessed, trail- and ultra-runners.

The Summer Trail Series was born after we heard from our runners that our weekend Try-A-Trail races were a lot of fun, but that their timing conflicted with long runs, camping trips, or weekends at the cabin. Our series takes place on Thursday evenings so you can throw down some speed in between your other summer adventures.

About Trail Run Manitoba

Operating as a community organization, Trail Run Manitoba, is all about building an amazing community of trail runners in Manitoba. While most of our activities centre around Winnipeg, you’ll find us running trails where ever we can find them in the province.

Trail Run Manitoba was started by Dwayne Sandall and Natalie Duhamel in December 2007 in a fit of pre-new years resolution ‘now is the time’ inspiration. Since the first year with the Try a Trail race series, we have expanded to include ultra marathons, first the Beaudry Lemming Loop, then the Spruce Woods Ultra. And through our strategic relationships with like minded organizations such as Olympia Cycling Club, since 2013 we have helped organize an ultrarun as part of Actif Epica and Where’s the Beach.

The goal was simple. Put on great races, by runners for runners. If you, at any point, feel that we aren’t meeting that simple goal, please tell us; these events are about you.