Race Rules

  1. Be nice to the other runners, volunteers and other users of the trail. Thank the volunteers, they are there to help you succeed.
  2. No littering. At all. Not even one little bit. Carry any garbage (gel wrappers, cups, etc) to the finish and put them in the garbage there. Any reports of littering anywhere on the course will lead to disqualification.
  3. Stay on the course. The race directors have the authority to overrule a result, particularly a winning result, if a runner is believed to have cut the course, whether intentionally or otherwise.
  4. When crossing a road, watch for traffic.
  5. Runners must refrain from any act of bad sportsmanship.
  6. If you are wearing headphones, you must keep your music or audio tracks at a volume that still allows you to hear the sounds around you, particularly other runners who want to pass.
  7. Do no cut off or block other runners from passing you.
  8. If you see another runner in distress, offer to help them.
  9. You must run under your own name. If you cannot attend a race and wish to transfer your bib to another runner, you must notify the race directors so results are recorded under the name of the person who actually ran. We do not charge a fee for transferring race bibs, we just ask the runner to sign a waiver.
  10. There will be no unofficial runners.
  11. You may change the distance you are registered to run at any time up to 15 minutes before the race starts. As of 6:30 on the day of the race, no further changes will be accepted. If, during the race, you decide to run the shorter distance when you were registered for the longer distance, you will be recorded as a DNF in the longer distance. If, during the race, you decide to opt for the longer distance but you are registered for the shorter, your finishing time will appear among the results for the shorter distance race.
  12. Each runner must complete the entire course under their own power.