BYO cups and water bottles

Summer Trail Series cups_2017 03 29

If you’re running a trail race, there’s a very good chance you appreciate the beauty of nature. If you’re participating in this year’s Summer Trail Series, I’d like to encourage you to help protect that natural beauty, including by helping us reduce waste at our races.

At running races that use single-use paper cups, each runner can go through a dozen or more cups, depending on the race distance. We’re asking every runner to bring their own reusable cup or water bottle for during the race and for rehydrating at the race finish.

Our on-course volunteers will have jugs and pitchers of water to fill your bottles or cups at the aid station. We’ll have jugs of water at the finish.

Please bring your own cup or water bottle. You can get creative with your choice of drinking vessel if you want. If you can run with it, our volunteers will fill it.

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