All 3 races are now sold out!

Thanks to everyone who registered for the 2017 Summer Trail Series. All races are now officially sold out!

As race directors, we are over the moon at the fact that so many people have registered for our events. We are going to work hard to make the race a lot of fun. We realize, though, that same-day registration was a popular feature of last year’s races and we hope our races don’t lose some of their appeal to participants now that there’s a trend where you’ll need to register farther in advance.

Since this is the first time the Summer Trail Series races have sold out, you might have some questions about what happens next. Here goes:

Why didn’t you warn us your race was filling up?

We used email and social media to let people know when our races were nearly sold out. After that, the remaining registrations came in all at once. The sudden influx of runners was beyond our wildest dreams.

Why did your race sell out so quickly?

Well, hopefully this is a sign people had a great time last year. In addition, we have a low maximum capacity compared to other races – around 130 runners. We set it at that level because we want to keep our event intimate and low-key. Even more importantly, if we have too many runners on these singletrack trails, the event will feel more like a conga line than a race. We are also limited by the washroom/outhouse facilities and parking.

Can I still transfer my bib to another runner if I can’t make it?

Yes. You can do this without paying any penalty or transfer fee. Just remember that the person who runs instead of you will need to sign a waiver on race day.

Do you offer refunds if I can’t make it?

No. This is fairly common practice for races, and our races are pretty cheap. You can, however, transfer your bib to another runner and we don’t charge a transfer fee. We suggest you put a call out on social media to see if anyone would like to run in your stead.

Will you have a waiting list?

Not at this time. We are volunteers and we have to make it our priority to look after the registered runners, instead of managing a waitlist. We really appreciate your understanding on this one.

What if I just show up on race day?

There will not be any day-of race registration this year. Our races are small events put on by volunteers. If you try to “bandit” our race, you may:

  • Contribute to congestion on the trails that makes the event less fun for everyone
  • Eat food at the post-race party that was reserved for registered runners and then we won’t have enough for everyone

If you had your heart set on joining us for one of the races and didn’t get a chance to register, please consider coming as a volunteer or a spectator. We’ll be looking for volunteers to sweep the course after the race, so you may be able to run the course while also volunteering by picking up course markings as you go. If you want to volunteer, please email at your earliest convenience.

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